New Instagram Chat Feature “Channels”, Live Broadcasts from Creators.

The Instagram chat feature will available soon.

Instagram has just announced that a new feature will be implemented soon. This feature, called “channels,” will help you announce and interact with your followers directly in Instagram chat chats.

After previously launching Quiet Mode on Instagram, Meta developers continue to provide innovations that provide new ways to interact on social media.

Citing Instagram’s official blog page, Mark Zuckerberg himself has started using this new Instagram feature under the name Meta Channel and the first message “Hey everyone, we started rolling out Instagram channels, a new chat feature.”


The channel called Meta will be used by Zuckerberg to share announcements and updates on all products and technologies developed at Meta. These channels’ feature supports text, images, polls, emoji reactions, and more.

The Facebook founder also plans to expand the feature to other social media, such as Messenger and Facebook, in the next few months.

But currently, this channel feature is still in the introduction stage on Instagram United States. Some select content creators have already started to get access to this feature, and it will continue to be developed over the next few months.

Instagram content creators who have access to this feature can create channels and broadcast channels to share the latest updates with followers, including providing behind-the-scenes moments.

Only the creator of the channel owner can broadcast, while followers can only give emoji reactions to shared updates and participate in polls.

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With the presence of this feature, creators will have a new way to provide the latest information updates in the application. Previously, creators could only share Instagram Stories to share news and updates. But now, there is a new way that can provide more direct interaction with fans.

For example, artists and creators can share updates about their latest work, moments at special sessions, leaked concert schedules, or other special updates.

How Does the Instagram Channels Feature Work?

When a creator gets access to the Channels feature, they can share updates to their channel through their Instagram inbox. When sharing the first message through a channel, followers will get a notification to join the chat channel.

Creators can also share a “Join Channel” sticker on story updates and pin the channel to their profile. That way, fans, and followers will be interested in joining.

Creators can choose to make the channel open to all followers by setting the setting to all followers/all followers. There’s also another option to create a channel dedicated to paid subscribers for exclusive content.

How about it, can’t wait to use this feature. Unfortunately, only a handful of US creators have access to this feature. Please be patient… Hopefully, this feature can be used and accessed by everyone by the middle of this year.

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