The Best Way to Make Money from TikTok 2023. Just Do it Now!

TikTok – 3 Ways to make money from Tiktok.

TikTok is the sixth most popular social media network in the world with over one billion active users every month. A platform with the highest audience-building potential and is one of the best methods to make money online today.

TikTok is one way to earn money online by providing a platform that helps millennial youth to bridge the gap between intellectual creativity and academic literacy.

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Nowadays, users can achieve a rapid increase on this platform and earn fast revenue in just a few months by advertising the brand of a product, promoting vlogs of famous people, finding suppliers, and helping sell their goods.


Yup, TikTok rewards its members through its new Rewards referral program. Each participating user can invite new members to join via their unique referral link and earn rewards. These rewards can then be redeemed in the form of mobile phone recharges, coupons, and more.

Although we all agree that TikTok Rewards is an amazing program, it is not the only way to make money on this digital platform. After analyzing the strategies of people who have already had previous successes, here are the most efficient ways to make money on TikTok:

1. Paid partnerships and sponsorships

Stores, games, banks, food delivery services, and other businesses are eager to share the revenue to get new customers/sales.

Creators can include affiliate link links in their biographies to earn commissions on product purchases. This may include grocery items and food delivery from restaurants. You can make money this way from TikTok.

Using affiliates, even a beginner can make money with the help of referral programs. But content creators should know that they cannot use TikTok affiliate links to promote cryptocurrency exchanges, tariffs, weight loss products, or other questionable items. If they do, they will be permanently banned and lose access to their account.

2. Live Broadcast

It is a money-making method where content creators create live broadcasts to promote their products or the products of brands with which they have a contract.

This money-making strategy is suitable for streaming types of ads – ads as follows :

  1. unpacking / unboxing packages or purchasing goods,
  2. Search for how to play from the play of a particular game,
  3. travel/sightseeing, and
  4. broadcast the report on the incident2 live.

This strategy is a very easy approach to adopt in making money on TikTok because it is indeed possible in a short time and quickly. For example, negotiate with a restaurant or museum and promote it directly while on a walk or vacation.

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This method is rarely used, as it is difficult to grab someone’s attention while advertising the product simultaneously, and it does require the expertise and creativity of each content creator. In addition, there is no analytics system because content creators cannot add link links to live broadcasts or measure the number of visits, making it impossible to determine the effectiveness of this method.

3. Selling Merchandise

Creative individuals, such as cosplayers, singers, comedians, and painters, have the option to sell items on TikTok to generate revenue.

A TikToker can buy their items (T-shirts, bracelets, and hoodies with attractive avatars or sayings) and then show them in videos or streams to make money. In their bio, there will be a link to their online store or Instagram, where fans can buy the items promoted earlier.

To make money on TikTok by selling merch, users must :

  1. Create a community of fans.
  2. Get merchandise through special services.
  3. Create themed videos and group them into a drop-down list to promote video content.
  4. Create an online store and include formulas and payment methods.
  5. Coordinates the delivery of goods to the buyer.

Those are 3 very effective ways to make money from the Tiktok application, hopefully, it can help all friends in finding the most expected income of course. See you again on the next tips for making money.

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